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Nasha 2013 BRRip 300mb 480p MKV

Rating: 3.3/10
Director: Amit Saxena
Writer: Ajit Rajpal
Stars: Ranbir Chakma, Nikhil Desai, Raj Kesaria, Rohan Khurana
Runtime: 122 min
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
Released: 26 Jul 2013

Synopsis: It is the story of an 18 year old boy who falls hopelessly in love with a 25 year old woman. A woman he cannot have, but a woman he cannot help but desire. And, as is the case with desires unfulfilled, they turn into obsessions. The movie emphasizes that in a world of temptation, romance is temporary, love is lonely, but addiction is forever.
The story is set in Panchgani, a hill station. Saahil and his gang of friends are a bunch of teenagers in school who have their share of fun and pranks. Saahil has girlfriend called Tia. During the summer break, he and his friends are introduced to Anita, the new dramatics teacher. All the boys in the group fall for her beauty and figure. But it is Saahil who gets the most attracted. Over time, he cannot think of anything but her. He even starts masturbating at night thinking of her.

One day while rehearsing for the play, Anita’s boyfriend Sam turns up at home and surprises her. Anita and Sam are a happy couple which makes Saahil unhappy. Later one night, while returning from a movie, seeing Sam and Anita cuddle in the car makes him uncomfortable and he tells Sam to stop the car and walks back home. Sam sensing Saahil’s emotions tells Anita that Saahil loves her which Anita laughs off. Over the next few days, to prove his point, Sam starts teasing Saahil which makes Saahil angry. One day while having a race, Sam purposefully pushes Saahil who gets hurt. Anita scolds Sam for behaving like a child. Saahil’s friends now realizing that Saahil has some feelings for Anita starts teasing him by passing comments about Anita and Sam. Saahil gets offended when he hears them say that Sam and Anita make love every night and starts beating his friends. Angry and suspicious, he goes to Anita’s home in the night and enter the house through the window. He’s shocked to see Anita and Sam make love. Heart broken, he is about to leave when he accidentally pushes a table which makes a noise. Anita comes out to check and is shocked seeing Saahil while Saahil sees Anita nude.The next day morning, Saahil comes to Anita’s house for the rehearsal. Anita is angry because of what he did last night, scolds him and asks him to leave. Because of this incident, Tia also breaks off her relationship with him.

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